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Jess grew up around 35mm film photography and started developing her own black and white prints in her early teenage years. The modern photography world has brought her to meet countless fantastic people in wonderfully unique settings. She carries minimal equipment and thinks of her camera as solely a tool to create, citing documentary and journalistic methods as her rooted style. Visuals, along with text, is what she feels brings the most depth to others when she shares stories. Jess loves travelling all over to document the curious and simplistic sides to life.


Jess has always had an immense passion for storytelling in the form of written text. English class was the only core study throughout her school years that came natural to her, and she's convinced it's because her grandparents were both writers and English professors. She believes the craft of writing for her is a type of magic that runs through her veins. Jess currently works in editorial writing and editing by day and practices creative writing at night.


Although Jess is mostly self-taught in the realms of editorial writing and photography, she holds a Bachelor's of Science degree in journalism and geography, along with a minor in British Studies. Unique perspectives drive her to create in this world, and she loves learning from others, progressing, and seeing the world from other peoples’ points of view to hold true appreciation for life.

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