Land of Curiosity

Land of Curiosity: The Deets

Land of Curiosity. What is this place and where did it come from? 

Well I’m Jess, also known at @jessieannwade on literally every social platform. I’m behind Land of Curiosity, which is really just a place for me to share photos, musings, and life in general, with the hope that I can focus on topics that can tip the scales to good in the world.

I’ve been practicing photography since I was about 13 years old, and I’ve been a “professional photographer” (quotes, because I feel like anyone can be a professional in any field if they want) various times throughout my life, but I’m currently taking photos for fun - which is just honestly peachy. 

I think I fell in love with writing when I was in elementary school (honestly no idea what age) and I started writing short stories for school projects, and then for fun. They tended to be about animals and dancing and ice skating. Very serious writing.

Overall, this is my little corner of the online world where I’ve decided to actually start sharing old-school blog posts on. I also plan to create and share tips, guides, and prompts in the near future to help others who are interested in either photography or writing. Feel free to hangout on this little ride in a space with no judgement and full on creativity. 



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